The Backstory



In March 2019, the Newnan-Coweta Chamber launched a public engagement campaign designed to solicit community input as to the county’s transportation infrastructure and environment. Encouraging residents throughout Coweta to weigh-in on those facets of the environment which require attention or those aspects considered as priorities for local drivers, bikers, and pedestrians, the Chamber facilitated fifteen public input sessions throughout Coweta, with greater than 200 responses recorded.

Integral to the Chamber's public input sessions was the gathering of feedback from Coweta County residents regarding areas where they suffer traffic woes and those identified as part of a greater community wish list to improve public safety and quality of life. The extensive feedback was provided to the County Administrator as well as the Joint Transportation Coordinating Committee (JTCC) and has since been included in the final roster of sixty-two anticipated projects to be addressed by the prospective TSPLOST tax.

Undergoing an open and transparent process, officials diligently considered transportation priorities which reflect the values of the community, as well as those which may yield results in a five-year period, ensuring an immediate return on taxpayer investment.

Remarkably, five of the priorities isolated at the input sessions were not previously on the county's radar, but have been added by the JTCC, which includes a representative from each of Coweta's nine municipalities, as well as a citizen and business and industry representative.

If passed, TSPLOST collection would begin in April of 2020 and run for five years or until the collection reaches the targeted $125,000,000. An alternative is to increase the millage rate (the amount of tax levied on 40% of the valuation of the fair market value of the property) until the amount needed to address Coweta's transportation environment and infrastructure is reached. A one mil increase is equal to $1.00 for each $1,000 of assessed value.



Can't the government fix our roads?


Isn't Coweta fine "the way it is?"


Where will my tax dollars go?


Why do we need to pay more taxes?


Why doesn't the county pay for needed improvements?

There are no dollars afforded in the Coweta County budget for ANY transportation needs.  Similar to SPLOST funds, money is not allocated for required maintenance and infrastructure.

Coweta County is responsible for maintaining over 1,000 miles of local roadway.

The average cost to surface one mile of road is $290,000

Approximately 23% (216 miles; $62 million) of Coweta's paved roads currently warrant maintenance or resurfacing

Why don't we just raise property taxes and be done with it?

One (1) mil of property tax generates only $4.8 million dollars for county operations, as opposed to $25 million generated by TSPLOST in a single year

Is it just Cowetans who will pay the additional 1% tax?

NO! it is estimated that 40% of all sales tax collections come from shoppers who live outside of Coweta. If in doubt, scan the parking lot for out of county tags the next time you're out shopping!

Why can't SPLOST funds foot the bill?

The 2019 SPLOST includes more than $89 million countywide for roads, bridges, and sidewalks, which is not adequate to fund necessary operational and safety improvements or new roadways.

How much will be collected and how long will the tax be in effect?
If passed, the 2020 TSPLOST will generate an estimated $125,000,000 in five years.  The referendum will expire when the full amount is collected or following the passage of five years, whichever occurs first.

Is there anything that won't be taxed?
Georgia TSPLOST law regulates six exemptions, including the purchase or lease of motor vehicles, as well as motor fuel and that used for jets, off-road equipment, and machinery, the sale or use of energy used in the manufacturing or processing tangible goods primarily for resale, and the sale or use of fuel that is used for propulsion of motor vehicles on the public highways.

Still have questions?  We're happy to help!
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